Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Licenses


Q. Does California recognize real estate licenses from other States?

A. No. In order to conduct licensed activities in California, you must have a California real estate license.

Q. How do I get a California real estate license?

A. Click here for information.

Q. How long is a real estate license good for?

A. The term of a real estate license is four years.

Q. When do I have to renew my license?

A. See How and When to Renew Your License.

Q. What if I don't receive my renewed license before the expiration date?

A. Even though you may not receive a renewed license certificate, you may continue in business if you have submitted a completed renewal application prior to your license expiration date, together with the correct application fee and proper evidence of completion of the continuing education requirements. (Refer to Section 10156.2 of the Business and Professions Code.) You may continue in business without a renewed license until; (a) you receive your renewal certificate, or (b) you are notified by the Department of an application deficiency and instructed to cease operations. Such notices take effect five days after mailing.

Q. Can I renew late?

A. If your license expires, you may renew on a late basis for up to two years fallowing the expiration date. NOTE: Activities requiring a license cannot be performed while the license is expired. Late renewal fees are 150% of on-time fees. Also, all continuing education courses must be completed within 4 years of the date the late renewal application is filed. An individual who holds a conditionally suspended salesperson license may not renew the license on a late basis.

Q. What is the examination fee in California?

A. Click here for information.

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