Palm Springs Mid-Century Neighborhoods

Palm Springs mid-century neighborhood map.

1) Canyon Country Club

Custom homes surrounding the Canyon Country Club golf course. Built from the late 1960s + S. Alhambra Dr. & Sequoia Place

2) Canyon Estates

Built by Roy Fey- Early 1970s single family and duplex style resort homes, surrounding a private golf course. S. Madrona Dr. & Paseo del Rey

3) Canyon View Estates

Luxury Townhomes built by Roy Fey, designed by William Krisel AIA, around 1960. Features 2 and 3 bedroom plans, unique roof lines, clerestory windows, large greenbelts. E. Canyon Vista Dr. & S. Sierra Madre

4) Deepwell

Typically low roof line-ranch style mid-century homes built in the early 1950s, in this classic Palm Springs neighborhood. E. Ocotillo Ave. & S. Manzanita Ave.

5) El Rancho Vista Estates

Built around 1959, mid-century homes designed by the team of Wexler Harrison. Cool MCM details including clerestory windows, decorative block construction on large pool sized lots. Via Roberto Miguel & E. Camino Rojos

6) Green Fairway Estates

Alexander Construction Company housing development. Designed and constructed in the modern style of the period, the Green Fairway Estates development is perched on the edge of Tahquitz Golf Course in the southern part of the city. S. Brentwood Drive & E. Bobolink Lane

7) Kings Point

Designed by William Krisel FAIA Kings Road Way & Murry Canyon Drive

8) Little Beverly Hills

Mid-century homes built by Alexander Construction Company adjacent to Golf Course


9) Racquet Club Road Estates

Homes built by the Alexander Construction Company from 1959 to 1963. Designed by Palmer and Krisel FAIA. E. Via Escue la & N. Starr Road

10) Royal Hawaiian

Donald Wexler designed "Tiki" inspired condos S. Palm Canyon Drive & E. Twin Palms Drive

11) Ruth Hardy Park

Mid-Century Homes built from the 1940s to the 1960s. N. Hermosa Drive & Tamarisk Road

12) Ocotillo Lodge

Mid-Century condo complex built by Alexander Construction Company.

13) Old Las Palmas

Gated grand estates include some custom-built mid-century homes.

14) Seven Lakes Country Club

Gated mid-century country club consisting of duplex homes designed by Harrison, built in the 1960s. S. Cherokee Way & Seven Lakes Drive

15) Steel Homes

N. Sunnyview Drive & E. Molino Road

16) Sunmor Estates

Residential tract of homes rumored to be built by the Alexander Construction Company. However, William Krisel said that he didn`t design these homes, although they have very similar characteristics as the Racquet Club Road Estates homes. Built around 1958, it is part of the Sunrise Park neighborhood. E. Livmor Avenue & N. Easmor Circle

17) Sunrise Park

Rumored to be built mostly by the Alexander Construction Company. Central Palm Springs neighborhood of mid-century homes. E. Amado Road & N. Monterey Road

18) Tahquitz River Estates

Known for Trousdale Homes, by the Los Angeles developer, which were often block construction. Built around 1940`s & 1950`s. S. Hermosa Drive & E. San Lorenzo Road

19) Tennis Club

Historic eclectic neighborhood adjacent to downtown Palm Springs.

20) Twin Palms

The first neighborhood built by the Alexander Construction Company designed by William Krisel, AIA in Palm Springs. Feature some of the larger mid-century Alexander homes. E. Twin Palms Drive & S. Navajo Drive

21) Villa Roma

1967 "Caesar`s Palace-Style" condo complex Avenida Granada, off S. Palm Canyon Drive

22) Vista Las Palmas

Exclusive mid-century neighborhood designed by the Alexander Construction Company, some of their largest luxury homes built in Palm Springs. Located at the foot of San Jacinto Mountain Ranch. Built around 1960.